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Powerlifting is a combination of three exercises, Squat, Bench Press and Deadlifts.

Powerlifters use many different types of training methods. Conventional Powerlifting or Progressive Overload training was once the most use type of training in the sport.

This type of lifting consists of a gradual increase in weight over time as one lowers one repetition level. For example, one week may be one maximum set of twelve, the next week eight, and the next week five reps, and back up again breaking one’s personal best each time.

Today there are many methods including the newest edition the "Westside" system. Using this system, explosive speed is emphasized rather than (more relatively) slowly moving progressive near-maximal weight. This type of training more closely aligns with weightlifting.

In contrast to classic Olympic weightlifting events, where an athlete raises a barbell from the floor to over the head, powerlifting movements are shorter and involve much larger weights.

Train and learn with Bob Alecock 81 years old.
4x British Powerlifting Champion, 2nd European and 3rd World and British record holder.


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