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Testimonials - Real People, Real Results

Testimonial | RodrigoPeres.comTammy
/ Cyclist
I met Rod at Fit Mum’s Circuit Training Class in Launceston.  I had just been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis and although I’m quite motivated and have tried to stay active all my life, exercise went from being recreational to critical.  I was a bit grumpy about this to begin with.  Doing something because I was told to rather than because I wanted to didn’t go down well.  But with Rod’s encouragement (carrot not stick!) I’m doing brilliantly.  I think I’m the fittest and healthiest I’ve been in ages.  I have a better understanding of what I need to eat to exercise and recover properly and I’ve learnt to manage my own expectations and respect the fact that my goals need to be sustainable in the long term.  I’ve done strength and resistance work in the gym with Rod and this has really helped with my running, swimming and cycling.  I never had a personal trainer before – I considered it to be a luxury.  And now I’m a total convert and urge anyone to give it a go – invest in your exercise regime and you will feel great psychologically and physically.

Testimonial | RodrigoPeres.comCordilia

Testimonials | RodrigoPeres.comGina
"Starting weight – 11 ½ stone (5ft tall)!
I have always wanted to get into weight training but thought I was too overweight to even consider it.
I knew firstly I needed to loose body fat. To achieve this I changed my whole eating regime (I used to eat a lot of crisps and take away foods and generally ate very late at night). Another bad habit was never eating breakfast and generally not eating much through the day, I was a night time eater!
I started having breakfast, lunch and eating only home cooked meals for dinner. I would go to the gym 5 days a week and only do cardio work. It took me about 12 months to loose 4 stone.
I then wanted to get into weight training (my goal was to gain 5kg of muscle and get more definition) so I had a program designed for me – starting off with fairly light weight training to get my body used to it. Then Rodrigo began training me and we have slowly developed my programs to get the weights heavier and heavier, still training around 5 times a week. Rodrigo also helped with my diet and advised me about what to eat and how often.
Now I weigh 53kg and I am extremely happier with my bodyshape, which to this day is still improving with time."

Testimonial | RodrigoPeres.comScott
"Rodrigo has the ability to keep you focused, energised and enthusiastic when training. In the time I have trained with him, I have felt my general health improve along with my flexibility and stamina.

I cannot praise him highly enough. His dedication goes beyond the actual training however and his expertise in nutrition really gives you the edge in achieving your fitness goals. He has a passion for fitness that is infectious and an attitude that makes you realise what you can achieve when you actually push your limits.

All in all Rodrigo is an excellent personal trainer with an excellent attitude and positive outlook. I will continue to train with Rodrigo for a very long time."

Testimonial | RodrigoPeres.comKurias

"When I started my workout I had no idea about the diet but on progress I realise the fact that diet is the major element to get the exact result that I wish to and that leads me to meet Rodrigo.

He gave me the motivation to plan a good diet and how to select right food items. Rather than giving a “spoon feeding”, he moulds me to design my own diet plan in a quite helpful way.

Selecting trainer is a crucial element and I made a right one by opting Rodrigo. The training provided by him is not only helps me to design a diet plan but also motivate and inspire me to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

Testimonial | RodrigoPeres.comLucy

Testimonial | RodrigoPeres.comRoberto ( JoniFish )




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